Our Mission

Here at Boost Pros™ we are dedicated to bringing you the safest, quickest, and most affordable service!


Security is our #1 priority, and we can proudly declare that none of our clients have ever been banned by using our service.




With up to three divisions completed a day, we have the fastest turnaround time for order completion in the business.




By actively comparing our rates with the competition, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality service along with the best prices in the market.





We use custom VPN servers which change the IP address for each and every account, making it impossible for Riot to trace the games back to us.


Members Area

All clients gain immediate access to progress tracking, downloadable replays, promotion screenshots, guides, and much more!



Join the ‘Pro Zone’ and gain access to exclusive discounts, ELO decay prevention, free coaching, giveaways, and contests!


Offline Mode

Stay 100% anonymous with our private client and prevent any of your friends from knowing you got boosted!


Live Support

Our friendly support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have about our service.


Check out our collection of  in depth analysis guides written by Challenger players focusing on champions, mechanics, and strategy.


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  • "The customer service was outstanding! They replied me promptly on Skype, and arranged me a booster within minutes. Thanks for the exceptional service!"

    cartierGold III - Platinum V
  • "Great and trustworthy website that gives quick results. Very reliable and updates customers on their orders frequently. Would recommend to anyone that needs a quick and well completed boost."  
    joshkangPlatinum V - Diamond V
  • "Really friendly team and always ready to help. Thanks guys!"

    cobrazSilver IV - Gold V
  • With work and school I don't have the time to level a smurf, but thanks to these guys I got a great account instantly. Came with limited skins, 22k IP, and 3,300 RP. Amazing offer, will be back for more in the future!

    John G. Basic Account Package
  • I think hand leveled accounts are the best thing to buy out there. Just bought an account from these guys! Can't wait to play on a non-botted account.

    Jesse H.Premium Account Package
  • "My booster was amazing! Learned so much from spectating, will definitely be back for more!"

    horishiPlatinum III - Diamond IV